Monday, July 9, 2012


School is out for the summer and all of the ELL students finished their ePubs!  As I read and listened to them I was often pleasantly surprised by how well some of them had done creating their ePub.  Unfortunately I was also a little disappointed with a few of them which showed limited effort.  The ones who had created great ePubs really put time into their writing and revising, brought in many photos from home, and focused on creating quality audio recordings.
After the students were done there still was lots to do:
1.  Save their Book Creator presentations as ePubs to iTunes and sync all the iPads so that their ePubs showed up on all the iBook shelves.
2.  Save their Book Creator presentations as pdf in Dropbox so that I could access all of them later.
3.  Read and listen to all their ePubs so I could use the rubric to grade them.
4.  The best part - meet together to share all their completed ePubs!
After they saw their completed ePubs and their grades almost all of them said that I could share their work with the world.  Only two of them were too shy to share outside of their class.
Here are a few of them as pdfs:

Marie's Story
Here's Belem's story:

Belem's Story